red shoes-1   Rumisu Red Shoes - 2   Rumisu Red Shoes - 3   

Rumisu Gamayun - 1   Rumisu Gamayun - 2   Rumisu Gamayun - 3   

Rumisu Bluebeard - 1   Rumisu Bluebeard - 2   Rumisu Bluebeard - 3   

Rumisu Vasilisa - 1   Rumisu Vasilisa - 2   Rumisu Vasilisa - 3   

Rumisu You Grow Girl - 1   Rumisu You Grow Girl - 2      

Rumisu Fierce & Well Endowed - 1   Rumisu Fierce & Well Endowed - 2   Rumisu Fierce & Well Endowed - 3   

Tales on The Wild Woman Archetype and the Power of Intuition

when we seek the roots of folklore or fairy tales, we see that these stories go back hundreds, maybe thousands of years, yet at some level they always remain contemporary and relevant.

for children, who grow up listening to these ancestral stories, tales help them cultivate their imaginations and contribute psychologically to their inner growth.  even though it is difficult to determine the specific ideological intentions of the story-teller behind some of these tales, as they have been around for hundreds of years, for us adults, tales can act as tools that help us understand the world and our place in it. If we pay attention, we perceive that not only can we see reality in these tales, but we can see the tales repeating themselves in our real lives.

we dedicate this collection to Clarissa P. Estes who began telling the multicultural folk tales that tap into what she calls the "ruins of the female underworld” and sparked a new conversation about our own inner worlds.