About Us


RUMISU is a joint project of us, two sisters, Pinar and Deniz, to welcome everyone into our whimsical world... our goal is to let our love and curiosity for beauty be a conduit for philanthropy and create a line of ethically manufactured design accessories that give back to their community of origin.

"let the beauty of what you love be what you do." Rumi

our passion for illustration led us to adopt the good old classic silk scarf as the perfect kind of blank canvas.
each scarf we create has its own story; characters & inspiration and color mood... one might be a gang of dinosaurs fighting to be at the top of the food chain or a rustic wedding where alien guests are playing the drums and dancing the traditional 'halay' wedding dance...?! after all; why not!?
each scarf has a unique crocheted accessory that carries forward and reminds us of the traditional Turkish art of oya.  the crochet characters are hand-made in Southeastern Turkey in cooperation with a UNDP project that aim to foster sustainable economic development of the region's women.
we try to keep away from taking life too seriously and keep a sense of humor when we design and hopefully share the whimsy...