Rumisu Collections

Twice a year, Rumisu presents a collection of ‘illustrated stories’ printed on mainly 137x137cm and 90x90cm silk scarves in limited edition runs.  The ‘stories told’ on the scarves center around a theme chosen by the co-designers for that season, and might range from an inspirational voyage to Africa, to favorite mythological deities from various corners of the World. Apart from larger silk scarves, Rumisu collections also offer silk pocket squares and cotton bandanas which have become increasingly popular as unisex gift options.

Besides these “now - Rumisu classics”, 137x137 cm cotton and wool scarves have also become essential part of the summer and winter collections, respectively.   

As a brand deeply enamoured in and respectful of all things hand-crafted, Rumisu’s each scarf has several hand-made elements which are integral to its formation process.  Each large silk and cotton scarf has a detachable, hand-made ‘corner-character’ which completes the hand-illustrated story.   The 3D characters are crocheted in South East Turkey by a skilled team of women jointly trained by Rumisu and a UNDP Project active in the region aiming for the sustainable economic development of women.   Another skilled team in the same region focuses on hand-embroidering the cotton pouches which is the special packaging Rumisu’s are presented in.  The edges of all scarves and bandanas are also hand-rolled.  

As a 5 year old brand, and a developing passion project, Rumisu will be sharing its hand-illustrated prints in new categories in the very near future, letting them taking on new and inspiring journeys…