Interspecies Love Affairs







Spring 2018 “Interspecies Love Affair” Collection of Rumisu is our celebration of our non-human companions, be they furry or winged, or even a funky combination of the two, who stand by us in all circumstances and all ages, pouring out pure love from their oversized hearts and bringing giant smiles to our faces.

Zappy Zippy Tails Party portrays the endless joyful hours we spend with our dogs outdoors, be they in urban doggy parks or the wildest woods, chasing birds, squirrels, tennis balls or just the wind.  As anyone who has been fortunate enough to bond with a dog in their lives, surely knows even the mere thought of these precious hours brightens our faces and hearts...

We, in our hometown, surely live in the company of an astonishing and ever growing number of street cats.  Have you ever been lucky enough to be acknowledged by one of our haughty & noble street cats.... perhaps with a gentle miaow or a friendly brush around your ankles?  Then you know how special this unexpected feline attention makes us feel!   Then just imagine how extra-extraordinary one feels when one of these enigmatic feline souls selects one as their ‘human’ and moves into their home and starts enjoying the comforts of every sunny/warm spot in the house.   “Cat, Searching for Future Human” print tells of this happy phenomena that turns ‘once-street-roaming’ kitties into ‘home-owners’, and us into their forever cheerful human-servants.  #adoptdontshop

Of course, we have also not neglected to honor more peculiar animal companions, from fiesty and vibrant & vocal parrots, to graceful horses, fascinating chameleons, and finally but not less importantly, domesticated dragons – because we are convinced they surely exist. 

And which summer collection can be considered complete without a naughty nautical print to accompany Rumisu-lovers on their maritime shenanigans!!  To this end, we proudly introduce the new “Salty Squad”, depicting a very merry and friendly team that will help you navigate your summer in the best possible way!