SERENE SIREN - 137x137 cm / brick & orange is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

“Serene Siren”

Part bird, part human creatures of age-old myths, Sirens and their enchanting songs were vilified in countless tales for causing hapless sailors and voyagers get off-course and get lost.  We re-imagined the gripping & feminine Siren calls without any preconceptions and wondered what they could be really trying to convey to their human relatives.   Perhaps, their songs were only deemed dangerous because they were telling mankind the facts they were not yet ready to hear.   Whatever the reason, we resolve to embrace these fearless beings as harbingers of truth, and heed their calls wherever they might lead us.

Dilek Ucarli’s photos taken in Lofoten, Norway, helping us to hear the Serene Siren’s song among the howling winds and roaring waves of the Northern Seas.

  • Each print illustrated by hand, transferred and then digitally printed.
  • 100% wool.
  • Measuring 137 cms by 137 cms.
  • The edges are hand-rolled.
  • To be delivered in its own 100% cotton pouch.
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