noah's ark 

“the flood of God's judgment on wicked humanity” is perhaps one of the oldest tales of the world… told and retold billions of times in almost all major religions, not to mention countless regional myths.

we believe its universal appeal comes from it being the ultimate story of resilience, of strength and ingenuity in the face of incredible tragedy & misfortune. It is a tale of hope and a fresh start against all odds.

and since it is becoming more and more relevant as humanity grapples with unprecedented changes in environment and climate, it is becoming easier for us to empathize with Noah and his experience.

Noah and his ark were often represented in the ancient Turkish & Ottoman miniature art, which inspired us to choose this traditional visual language as we once again share his age-old story.

  • each print illustrated by hand, transferred and then digitally printed
  • 100% silk, crepe de chine
  • measuring 90 cms by 90 cms
  • it comes with a detachable, hand crocheted corner charm, that completes the story and carries forward the traditional Turkish art of oya
  • the crochet characters are hand-made in Southeastern Turkey in cooperation with a UNDP project that aims to foster sustainable economic development of the region’s women.
  • the edges are hand-rolled
  • to be delivered in its own 100% cotton pouch
  • illustrated by deniz yegin ikiisik
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