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42x42 cm



it is a famous French folktale, with the most famous surviving version written by Charles Perrault, published in Paris in 1697.

Bluebeard, an extremely wealthy nobleman, who has been married a few times, only to have his wives disappear without a trace every single time, marries yet once again. at first the young bride finds security in her new pampered life, but when Bluebeard goes out of town for a couple of days, leaving his wife with his key ring, and seemingly the control of the entire chateau, the reality quickly changes. as he departs, Bluebeard strictly forbids his wife to enter one mysterious room in the castle, telling her to not even to approach its door. unsurprisingly, the young wife cannot stop thinking about that one room, and yielding to her insatiable curiosity, eventually unlocks the door to discover the horrific murders of her husband’s former wives.

we’ll leave you to discover the details of the story for yourself… however, rest assured that our heroine ultimately saves her life and soul - thanks to her curiosity. these tales are a symbolic representation of reality. C.P. Estés, the author of the “Women Who Run with The Wolves” (1995), reminds us that many women continue to live the Bluebeard story, marrying someone destructive while still young and naïve, for a false sense of freedom or security. and, although deep down they perceive the ‘beard’ that clearly shines bright blue, they spend much time insisting that it really is not so ‘blue’. The ‘key’ is a reminder of that and represents a test of fidelity & obedience within the story. it is always our choice whether or not to open the door, whether to continue to live as naïve young women, following the ‘rules’ of society, or to follow our own intuition, be curious and usher in our truth.

  • each print illustrated by hand, transferred and then digitally printed
  • 100% silk, crepe de chine
  • measuring 42 cms by 42 cms
  • the edges are hand-rolled
  • to be delivered in its own 100% cotton pouch with “rumisu”s bird logo hand-embroidered on it
  • illustrated by deniz yegin ikiisik
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